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The 3-Day FREE Course

Crack The "Fitness Code" And Finally Take Control Of Your Body And Your Health So That You Can Become The Confident Leader You Want To Be.

  • Day 1: The "MTM Mindset"

    Before you even think about how to work out or eat to build muscle or lose fat, you must make sure you have the “mental game” in place. Most guys fail to transform their body simply because they skip this step. You’re gonna be different.

  • Day 2: What To Eat - High-Performance Nutrition Made Simple

    Tired of complicated “diets” that force you to suffer mentally and physically and eat foods you hate? Don’t worry, those days are over. You’ll learn how to simplify your nutrition so that you can focus on what really matters for building a great looking, healthy, high performing body (No calculator of food scale required).

  • Day 3: Simple, Highly Effective Workouts For Building Muscle, Blasting Fat, and Gaining Functional Strength FAST

    Want to build a strong, muscular, athletic body but don’t want to dedicate all your free time (if that even exists) to the gym? We’ve got you covered. With these simple, highly effective methods, you’ll be able to build the body you want while spending less than 3 hours per week in the gym.

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What The MTM Nation Is Saying...

  • Brent Brent
    “I’ve been athletic my entire life, and have always made “working out” a part of my life. I’ve been in good shape before, but I couldn’t ever maintain it. With Eric's program it has been completely different. Not only did I lose 20 pounds of fat and 4.5 inches off my waist in 16 weeks – I also gained muscle, strength and improved my conditioning. I added 30 pounds to my deadlift, increased my max pull-ups from 15-20, and decreased my one-mile time by 52 seconds.”
  • Tyler Tyler
    I'm in better shape now than I was 10 years ago as a college athlete. Last week, I logged a 6:20 mile AFTER my lower body workout - and I've been able to improve my conditioning while watching my strength in the gym SOAR. The MTM method is the most efficient, most effective way or working out that I've ever done.
  • Justin Justin
    Following Eric's program helped me lose over 6 inches off my waist. My clothes are fitting looser but also more snug around my chest and shoulders. This program has gotten me to the point of a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix by helping me stay focused and positive.
  • Chris Chris
    I’ve now lost 20 pounds on the program, and I feel great! This is the first time I’ve been under 200 pounds since I got married two years ago. The workouts leave me feeling stronger and more capable of taking on whatever life throws my way – and as a husband and father with a new baby at home, this is very important to me. In the past, I’ve been able to get in good shape for a short period of time, but I could never make it “stick.” With Eric’s program, I feel like I am getting in the best shape of my life AND I’ll know how to maintain it for years and years going forward.
  • Ben Ben
    In 8 weeks, I've lost fat, gained muscle, and feel stronger than ever. As an ex-college football player, I can honestly say this is the funnest, most effective program I’ve ever done.
  • Kevin Kevin
    The time and research put into developing the programs is evident. Making adjustments for better results along the way, the lessons you email and the articles you write are inspiring and game-changers. The time and research, attention to detail, and expertise is truly rare in this industry, and your passion to help others get where they want to be is worth it!

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